By HB (16 years old)

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As he dragged his boat into the sea, Mr Lim noticed fish scattered on the shore, dead. Confused, he looked around and found more lifeless ones further down the beach. He glanced up at the sky and found ominous clouds moseying across it. The weather was strangely bizarre. Soon, the wind started to blow and the waves turned choppier. He could see huge waves in the distance rushing towards the shore. Realisation finally dawned on him. “A cyclone is coming!” he shouted with much alarm.

Situated in a low lying area, the coastal village was often flooded and the damages were greater as compared to other parts of the country. Hence, when the villagers heard that a cyclone was coming, they were greatly distressed.  Everyone panicked on seeing waves taller than trees pounding on their shore. They began to run for the hill, hoping that they could outrun the tremendous rush of water as rain pelted down unmercilessly on their heads.

Before long, the village was in total chaos with huge tidal waves and violent winds destroying everything in their path. The force of the waves was so powerful that it flooded the entire village within minutes. Most of the buildings were swept away or badly damaged. Countless vehicles had turned turtles and were carried away by the great tides.

The howling winds, like a vengeful monster created further havoc.  They were so strong that they carried fragments of the remaining building structures and smaller vehicles into the sky. The twister lasted for two hours before it died down but the sky continued to pour in buckets. Cold and hungry, they stood on the hill and looked bleakly at the widespread destruction that the cyclone had wrought.

After two weeks at the evacuation centre, the villagers returned to their desolate homes when the flood waters subsided. There were many casualties. Some of the villagers were swept away by the tidal waves while several had drowned.  Although they were thankful to have survived, the villagers grieved over the destruction of their homes. Nothing could replace the loss of their loved ones or the memorable keepsakes that the flood had destroyed.



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