When It Rains, It Pours

By HB (16 years old)

Photo credit: hedgefundlounge.com


The penetrating sound of the alarm shook James out of his sweet slumber. Ignoring it, he muffled his ears with his pillow and continued to sleep.

“James, wake up!” his mother’s voice sounded like thunder and it spurred him to climb blearily out of his bed. “What’s the time now, Mom?” he asked drowsily. “Look at it yourself!” she said, shoving the alarm clock at him. “8:30!” he exclaimed in horror.  He hastily put on his school uniform and grabbed his school bag.  Running into the kitchen, he plopped down on a chair and gobbled down his breakfast in two minutes.

“Don’t forget your umbrella. It looks like it’s going to rain,” his mother yelled from the laundry area as James bolted out of the kitchen. However, her advice fell on deaf ears as her son dashed off to school without pausing to act on her instruction.

Before long, it started to rain cats and dogs. Drenched to the bones within minutes, James was wet and cold. Dead tired, he stopped running and walked dejectedly all the way to the school.

“James, you are late!” the History teacher snarled as James hobbled into the classroom. His classmates raised their heads and stared. He was wet, filthy, badly dishevelled and cranky.

“Sit down and complete your test paper!”

“What!  Are we having a test?” he asked in great distress.

“Since you came very late, I won’t be giving you any extra time,” the teacher added, emphasising on the word ‘very’.

Unable to complete half of the test paper, James felt utterly wretched. To further exacerbate the situation, he had to sign the latecomers slip and present it to the discipline master. Before the day was over, he would be getting an earful from his parents. Greatly agitated, he stumbled back to his seat but his respite was short lived.

In walked the Maths teacher. The moment he stopped in front of his table, he turned to address the class. “Hand in your homework!” his voice sounded like the devil welcoming the new arrivals to hell. James fumbled in his bag and soon realised that he had forgotten to bring along his homework.  His face turned several shades whiter. “I’m dead!” he thought gloomily.

The Maths teacher gleefully handed down his punishment.  He was to clean the dirty, foul smelling toilets during lunch but missing lunch did not end his troubles. The nagging hunger pains made it difficult for him to concentrate on his studies.

When school ended for the day, James found his wallet missing. He desperately searched for it but to no avail. “Can it get worse than this?  When it rains, it certainly pours!” he muttered under his breath.


About Katherine

Just a female who has time to do a bit of pondering and musing. Otherwise, I am on an interesting journey down the path to being a senior citizen.
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