A Memorable Christmas

In Chinese schools, students are encouraged to use idioms and proverbs when writing Chinese compositions.  Likewise, the same goes for writing in English.  Similes, idioms, metaphors and proverbs enhance and make our writing more interesting. They add flavour to our writing. 

In this exercise, the student learns to intentionally use similes in writing.  He has to pick several similes to write an essay. 


A Memorable Christmas
By Eddison C. (13 years old)


Photo credit: desktopbackgrounds1.com


It was snowing heavily that night.  Everyone felt cold and huddled close to the fireplace to get warm.  Meanwhile, my brother and I were about to discover what the presents underneath the Christmas tree contain.  Like two curious fish, we ripped off the wrappings and opened the presents one by one.

When we finally finished opening up our presents, Mother’s home-roasted turkey was ready to be served.  We rushed to the dining table near the fireplace, happy as larks.  Plopping down onto the chairs with spoons and forks in our hands, we were ready to tuck in like two very hungry bears.

A sudden knock distracted us from our dinner.  Father walked to the door and opened it,  He was taken aback to see an elderly lady shivering outside in the cold.  Her clothes were as dirty as a hog.  He quickly ushered her in and led her to the fireplace while Mother took a clean blanket from the closet to wrap around the old woman to keep her snug.

The old woman was very poor.  She lived with her only son and her husband in a small shack.  They had passed away and she was now all alone.  Her son died in an accident the year before and her husband was killed while chopping trees in the woods.  She had no choice but to find a suitable job for herself to earn money but no one would hire her because she was too old.  So, she went door to door to beg for crumbs to stay alive.

Father felt very sorry for the old lady and invited her to stay the night after we finished our meal.  The next day, he took her to a nursing home so that she had a place to stay and someone to take care of her.  She thanked us gratefully and gave Mother an old, dirty hand-made bead necklace.

Happy tears ran down her wrinkled face when we promised to visit her often.  I would remember this Christmas for a long time.  It had taught me that Christmas is not all about receiving presents but to know how to give as well.



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