Little Sally the Rabbit

By Anderson C. (10 years old)

easter clipart egg rabbit

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There was a little pink rabbit named Sally who lived near the woods.  She had long ears and big white teeth.

One morning, she decided to go to her grandmother’s house because Grandma was sick. Sally took a basket and filled it with some carrots and apples before setting off in the direction of Grandma’s house.

She hummed merrily to herself as she hopped and skipped along the jungle trail.  Suddenly, a big black wolf with long sharp teeth appeared before her.  The wolf said, “I want to eat you!”

Just when Mr Wolf was about to sink his fangs into Sally, a burly bear came to her rescue.  The bear gave the wolf a mighty punch.  Howling in pain, Wolf ran off as fast as he could.  Sally thanked her saviour gratefully.  She continued on her way to Grandma’s house despite the terrible fright she had just had.



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