A Zoo Visit

Written in collaboration with Issac L. (13 years old)

Photo credit: thestar.com.my


It was my school semester break last week and Father decided to bring us to the Zoo Negara.   Zoo is a place where all sorts of exotic animals are kept.  There are many animals from our own country as well as from other countries.  I had a lot of books on wild animals and now that I was going to see live ones, I was giddy with excitement.

After Father bought the tickets, we entered the zoo.  There were trams to drive visitors around.  We hopped onto one and began our zoo tour.

First, we visited the lions and the tigers.  Being dangerous animals, these big cats were kept separately inside big cages so that they would not hurt any animal, visitor or zoo staff.  I nearly jumped out of my skin when a lion roared.  Now I could understand why a lion’s roar could be heard miles away.

Next, we went to see the giraffes.  They were eating leaves from some trees.  The trees were nearly bare from the giraffes’ constant feeding.  I felt like a tiny ant standing beside the tall giraffes.  Dangi, the shortest man in the world must have felt the same way when he stood with his fellow humans.

The aviary was our third stop.  We could see many different species of beautiful and colourful birds in the big bird cage; parrots, parakeets, budgerigars, lovebirds, hornbills, toucans and etc. I was tickled when a little lovebird flew towards me and perched on my arm to eat the seeds from my palm.  It was also amusing to watch the other birds fighting one another to get to the seeds on the bird stands.

To my utmost delight, we discovered that there was a pony in the zoo.  It looked very cute.  It was short; about my height or perhaps I was the short one!  It neighed softly as it munched on a piece of carrot from an Australian tourist.

We saw the kangaroos next.  Some kangaroos were hopping inside an enclosure which was surrounded by tall fences.  A joey sat safe and snug in its mother’s pouch.  We took many pictures of the kangaroos and the joeys. I meant to show them to my buddies and tell them I was in Australia having a jolly good time while they holidayed in Malaysia.

Father stopped the tram and bought chilled drinks for us as we were feeling thirsty.  We gulped the cold beverages down our parched throats greedily while the big felines roared loudly and the birds chirped noisily in the background.

There was only half an hour left before the closing time, so we decided to visit the Snake House as Mother wanted to see the snakes.  There were all kinds and sizes of snakes hanging from the tree branches, coiled around the tree trunks or slithering on the ground.  Mother picked up a big snake and wrapped it around her neck while I took several pictures of her.  My sister loathed snakes.  Needless to say, she kept a good distance away.

Before long, the visitors had to leave the zoo.   We were tired but happy.  It had been an enjoyable and interesting experience for all of us.  It was a treat to see all those animals which I had only imagined or seen in pictures or on television.  I hope to visit the zoo again during the next school holidays.

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