A Bomb Scare

By Jason L. (13 years old)

Photo credit: corrections.com


It was a bustling beehive of human activity at the train station.  The trains were very crowded as it was the morning rush hour for students going to school and adults making their way to various destinations.  Anxious to reach school in time, some impatient children pushed and shoved to get onto the train.

Meanwhile, John was on his way to the train station.  By the time he arrived, the crowd congestion had cleared.  After buying his ticket at the ticketing counter, he proceeded to the platform to wait for the train.

As he waited, he scanned the platform casually.  There was only a smattering of people around: an elderly couple seated at the bench, a pregnant lady with a toddler in tow and a few others lingering around; some patiently waiting while others checked their watches edgily.

John’s eyes continued to sweep over the platform and something suspicious on the floor caught his attention.  It was a medium-sized brown parcel.  He remembered having read a news report regarding suspicious packages left lying around in public areas so he quickly alerted a station guard and led him to where the package was.

The presence of the guard instantly drew the attention of the small crowd.  Filled with curiosity, everyone soon gathered around him.  He cautiously opened the parcel.  Inside was a bomb, and the clock was ticking furiously away by the seconds.

Reinforcement was soon called in to evacuate the commuters from the area.  All rail services were cancelled and a bomb disposal squad arrived on the scene within minutes.  The bomb experts used a robot to defuse the bomb.  Everyone present breathed a loud collective sigh of relief when the explosive device was successfully deactivated.

After a thorough investigation, the police found the bomb planter.  It was a wanted terrorist from the al-Prada Group. Thanks to an anonymous tip-off, the police ambushed him and his accomplices at their hideout and arrested them.  The guerrilla was eventually put behind bars for twenty years without parole.



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