An Unforgettable Dining Experience

By Jason L. (12 years old)


Father brought us to the best restaurant in town for dinner last night.  I had waited a long time to dine at The Happy Kitchen.  The restaurant is rated five stars for its delicious cuisines, good service and hygiene.

As we stepped through the door, a polite waitress greeted us and ushered us to an empty table.  She offered us the menu and waited patiently to take our order.  The beautiful pictures depicting various tantalising dishes made me drool.  My mother quickly placed our order; shark’s fin soup, butter prawns, roasted chicken and two vegetables dishes.

As we waited for the food to be served, I idly swept my eyes around the big restaurant.  It was packed with patrons.  Cheerful chatter of the diners filled the room while enticing aromas wafting through the air set my stomach rumbling.

Before long, the waitresses served us our food.  “If they taste as good as they look, the chefs most certainly have outdone themselves,” Father remarked with a smile splitting sunshine across his face.  I took a spoonful of the soup and it tasted marvellous.  The succulent butter prawns were the best that I had ever had.  “Yes, the chefs have indeed done themselves proud,” I declared. With each bite, I closed my eyes in ecstasy while my tummy oozed satisfaction.

After finishing two bowls of rice, I decided to have another bowl of soup.  Just as I was slurping up my soup, I discovered to my utmost horror, a big fat cockroach swimming in it.  I shoved the bowl to my mother and she let out an ear-piercing scream that brought two waitresses scurrying to our table.  Their faces turned as red as cherries when they saw the roach.

Highly embarrassed, they apologised copiously and offered to replace the soup but Father declined.  After lodging a complaint with the manager, we left.  That was quite a dining experience with my unexpected dinner guest.



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