Sweet Justice

By R.K.

Photo credit: .kidsgardening.org


Tom and Sarah were in the Eco Garden of their school, tending a bed of flowering plants.  Both of them loved gardening.  They liked to run their hands through the soil and take in deep breaths of the fragrant scent of the sweet-smelling flowers when the plants were in bloom.

On this particular Saturday morning, they were just about to add some organic fertiliser to the soil.  As Tom opened a bag of fertiliser, an awful odor wafted through the air.  Wrinkling her nose, Sarah remarked, “Yaks!  That smells like chicken poop!”

Eager to seize the opportunity to tease his fellow gardener, Tom brought the bag of fertiliser right under Sarah’s nose.  “Here, take a good sniff.  You’ll get to like it as much as the aroma of your favourite curry chicken! ” he said playfully.

“You’re disgusting!” Sarah declared crossly as she moved away.  Refusing to let up on his jest, Tom went after her.  “Get away from me!” Sarah yelled angrily as she ran.

Delighted with the fun he was having, Tom failed to see the rake lying in his path.  He tripped over it, fell flat on his face on a pile of wet compost and ended up eating mud and fish bones.  When he tried to get up, he slipped and this time, he landed on his backside in a rose bush.  “Aw!  Aw! Aw!” he screamed in  pain as he struggled to free himself from the thorny shrubs.

It was Sarah’s turn to laugh.  “Serve you right!  There is true justice in this world after all!”  she quipped merrily.

About Katherine

Just a female who has time to do a bit of pondering and musing. Otherwise, I am on an interesting journey down the path to being a senior citizen.
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