Going to the Zoo

By Eddison C. (12 years old)


“Yay!  We’re going to the zoo!  We’re going to the zoo! “ my little brother chirped happily as he did a jig.  Our father had decided to take us to the zoo.  My brother and I were ecstatic as we had never been to a zoo before.


Photo credit: sightseeing.my


We set off happily in Father’s car.  My brother was so thrilled that he couldn’t stop laughing all the way to the zoo.  After purchasing the tickets, we started to explore the zoo.  The peacocks were the first animals we saw.  They spread their beautiful feathers which looked like big colourful fans.  I quickly captured the pretty sight with my camera.


Photo credit: gardenofeaden.blogspot.com


Next, we proceeded to the primates’ enclosure.  The monkeys and apes were on cloud nine when we fed them ripe bananas.  They were grinning from ear to ear, showing off their yellowish teeth as they devoured their meal.


Photo credit: sodahead.com


We also visited the wild cat species.  These feline species were not exactly over the moon when they saw humans staring at them.  My brother was scared when he heard the loud roars of the lions and the tigers.  He quickly reached for my father’s hand and held on firmly.


Photo credit: blirk.net


We visited the reptile zone last.  There were many kinds of giant lizards and snakes.  I was delighted to watch the feeding at the crocodile pen. The hungry crocodiles jumped out of the water and caught the chickens with their powerful jaws.  There was a big warning sign that said, “Do not attempt to climb over the fence if you value your life.”  “Surely only a foolhardy person would be reckless and stupid enough to do that and end up as the crocs’ meal,” I remarked.


Photo credit: blogs.fanbox.com


Our visit lasted two hours and during that time, we learnt many things about the zoo animals.  I couldn’t wait to visit the zoo again.



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