Schools are worse than prisons, do you agree?

By Edisson C.  (12 years old)

Prison Officer in the Rotunda area of HMP Manchester

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Schools are worse than prisons, do I agree?  Absolutely and a resounding yes!

Teachers in school never pause to think about how busy we students are.  They give us endless homework and projects; torturing us until we have to squeeze our brains dry to complete the given assignments into the late nights or early morning hours.  One certainly does not have to fret over homework in prisons.  In some countries, prisoners are allowed time for physical exercises to keep themselves fit.  At school, students only get to exercise their brains until some of us get brain-fried.

When homework is not completed within the dateline, a student may receive punishment such as getting caned on the palms, getting demerit points or having to stay for detention after school.  This is unfair considering that most students have to go for tuition classes right after school.  No wonder youngsters these days are often down with bouts of sicknesses as their bodies are not rested enough to fight off infections.

The worst nightmare is yet to come – exams.  Exams drive every student almost crazy because they have to face the music from their parents when they obtain poor grades.  These unfortunate students are in for a lengthy nagging session once their parents see their report cards.  Don’t parents and teachers realise frequent sessions of morale battering would drive any kid insane?  Don’t they realise every asylum is soon to have a long waiting list of young schizophrenics?

Students truly face tremendous challenges in the 21st century.  A modern-day student has to face all kinds of pressures and intimidation from both the home front and school.  They have to run a never-ending marathon race to catch up with their studies. Gone were the days where kids spent half a day at school and claimed the remaining part of the day as their own time.  Kids these days can’t lay such claims to any free time.  A prison life definitely looks more attractive to many students  as they are literally chained to their study desks at school, at the tuition centre and at home.


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  1. hehe Totally agree!!!
    Please check out my blog too!:)

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