As Drunk as a Sailor

In this exercise, the student uses the simile ‘as drunk as a sailor’ to write her composition.

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The night was chilly.  Veiled by a dense cloud cover, no stars were visible.  Pacing tensely in her tiny bedroom, a different kind of chill besieged Cindy.  Downstairs in their sparsely furnished living room, her mum was equally agitated.

Bang!  The sudden slamming of the front door could only mean one thing; her father had arrived home.  A string of swearing followed by the shattering of glass and her mother’s torturous screams broke the silence of the night.

Her mouth went dry and her palms were clammy with cold sweat.  As the noises from below ceased, a surge of cold fear gripped her wildly beating heart.  She began praying fitfully for someone to rescue her from this recurring nightmare.

Heavy footsteps pounded up the stairs and the door to her room was kicked open.  There stood her father, as drunk as a sailor. He rushed at her and rained his beefy fists down on her.  Unable to endure the merciless blows, she fell to the floor like a rag doll.  The bashing did not end there.  Her crazed father began to kick her viciously.  Clenching her fists tightly, she bit her lips to stifle her sobs since any noise she let out would only bring on more pounding.

After having beaten her to a pulp, her father considered his job done for the day.  He staggered drunkenly out of the door while she sobbed quietly. Salty tears streamed down her damp face.

It had not always been like this.  Her father used to be a kind and loving father. However, after he lost his job during the economy downturn, he turned to drinking to drown his misery.  Once he had spent his last cent, he would return home and let out his frustrations on his wife and daughter. Her mother tried her best to protect Cindy from the brunt of her father’s drunken brutality yet her body bore countless bruises and scars.


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