Working with idioms and similes

In this exercise, the student was required to write a story using a few idioms and similes.

  1. as like as two peas in a pod
  2. as different as chalk and cheese
  3. as good as gold
  4. be on your best behaviour
  5. all fingers and thumbs
  6. as light as a feather
  7. bite off more than you can chew

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Mark and Luke are identical twins and look like two peas in a pod.  However, they are both as different as chalk and cheese in their personalities.  Mark is usually as good as gold while Luke has to be constantly reminded to be on his best behavior.

One day, Mark, tired of his twin’s errant behavior, decided to challenge him to a basketball showdown in which the loser would have to do whatever the winner said for a month.  Luke readily accepted Mark’s challenge because the last time they both played basketball together, Mark was all fingers and thumbs.

On the day of the competition, Luke got the biggest surprise of his life.  Mark thrashed him 12 – 0!  This was chiefly due to Mark’s incredible jumping ability; he seemed to be as light as a feather.  Luke, resigned to his fate as his twin’s slave for a month, sullenly thought that he had bitten more than he could chew this round.

“Just you wait, Mark!”  he made a silent promise as he glared at his twin.


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