Schools are worse than prisons. Do you agree?

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I certainly do not agree but a fair number of my friends do.  They think that schools are worse than prisons.  “Prisons are certainly better places than schools as there are no tests or homework,” they said.  “There are no grades to slave after, so you can get more sleep in prison.  You do not need any financial aid behind the bars as food and laundry are free.  You do not even need to see your hated family members too often!”

Only losers think that prisons are better than schools.  Fact is my friends have never been inside those detention walls. Those who seriously think that school is a lousy place should perhaps step inside a real prison house and live there as inmates for a month or two.  If they perchance end up in the newly upgraded Lo Wu green jail in Hong Kong which opened its gates to inmates in 2010, they might even enjoy their short stay and live better than the majority of the law-abiding Hong Kong people who live in dingy and overcrowded high-rise flats.  The modern correction centre features a green roof, solar panels, natural lighting system and enhanced ventilation system.  The sprawling 1.5 billion goal boasts sport facilities to keep inmates healthy and happy.  Certainly not a bad deal from a naïve kid’s point of view.

Some kids rationalise that they are being forced to go to school.  They wonder if they need this particular kind of prison in order to gain the skills and knowledge necessary to get good jobs and become happy good citizens. They become offended or provoked when told to obey school rules.

Mrs. Coobs described her daughter’s school as “worse than a prison” after her 14-year-old daughter, Sharon was told by a teacher to remove a plastic retainer from her newly-pierced lip. “Even in prison, the inmates can wear their own clothes, have their own piercings and their own tattoos,” she said.  Is she living her life through rose-tinted glasses?

I truly fail to understand why some kids consider it cool to have piercings or tattoos all over their body.  I would rather be placed in a place of learning and keep its rules than to be put in a correctional institution where an equal number of rules are being enforced.

School is a place where laughter rings out; cheerful and joyful kids run, play and learn; hopes and dreams are nurtured by good teachers; and lasting friendships formed.  School is a fun place when one is able to visualise a bright successful future for oneself.  People who condemn the school system are naught but fools.  I will unquestionably make every effort to stay in school until my formal education is finished.  I have got a beautiful future to embrace.

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