A Terrifying Ride

By Jason L. (12 years old)


Photo credit: jennybunnycreations.blogspot.com


The sun shone brightly on a Sunday morning and the tree leaves rustled gently in the cool breeze.  Tristan was at the National Zoo with his family.  He loved animals as they were each unique in their own way, but his favourite was the elephant.  Indeed, he had wanted to ride an elephant for the longest time.

Tristan headed to the elephant enclosure with his mother while his father and sister went to see the monkeys.  From a distance away, he could see a long line of people waiting for an elephant ride.  He quickly ran ahead of his mother to take his place in the queue.

After a long wait, it was finally Tristan’s turn to mount the elephant.  “At long last!” he thought gleefully to himself.  The kind zookeeper gave him a leg up.  As soon as he was atop the elephant, he groped for the rope tied to the elephant’s back.  He had forgotten the fact that he was afraid of heights in his enthusiasm.  He held onto the rope tightly for fear of falling off.

He was just getting to enjoy his ride when a bee came buzzing around the elephant’s ears.  The annoyed elephant swished its trunk to get rid of the plaguey bee.  The violent swishes made the elephant’s body shake and Tristan turned as white as a sheet for he was very terrified that he might really fall off this time.

Thankfully, the bee eventually flew away and the elephant continued its way on the jungle trail.  When it stopped, Tristan was relieved to get his feet on the solid ground once more.  He concluded that an elephant ride wasn’t much fun after all.  He felt sure he could happily skip ever riding an elephant again.


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  1. In what country is this National Zoo?

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