A Bully

By Eddison C. (12 years old)

Photo credit: crsd.org


Everyone in school fears Abraham.  A strapping fellow, he is a head taller than all of us. He has big, strong hands that can easily break your neck.  An ugly scar is stamped on his wide forehead, giving him the appearance of the notorious pirate, Captain Blackbeard.

We don’t usually call Abraham by his given name.  Instead, we nicknamed him Spiteful because he is a terrible bully with a mean streak.  And woe betides anyone whom Spiteful catches using his nickname.  Should you be unlucky enough to come across Abraham, make sure you don’t annoy him, otherwise he would beat you to a pulp.  Scrawny students had best flee before Spiteful asks for unreasonable treats.   In fact, an ill-fated boy who failed to meet Spiteful’s demand was badly thrashed by the malicious bully and had lost several teeth.

One day as I was on my way to the cafeteria, a big fellow with an untucked shirt emerged from a corner of the school building.  It was Spiteful.  I froze for a moment and then began to move backwards stealthily.  Too late for he had already seen me.  Quick as lightning, he pounced on me.  I knew I was going to be dead meat.

Grabbing me by my collar, he barked, “Give up your money, you puny nerd!”  I had none as I had spent it that morning.  So, I shook my head and said, “I have no money.  Maybe you should ask someone else.”

I soon live to regret saying no as the tough guy shoved me onto the ground and started to pound me with his beefy fists.  Fortunately, a teacher who was passing by quickly stopped my assaulter and brought him to see the headmaster.  He was expelled from school that very day.  Everyone was overjoyed and heaved a enormous sigh of relief to hear that the big bad bully had been dismissed permanently.


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