Should students be allowed to bring mobile phones to school?

By Jackson L. (12 years old)

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Students should not be allowed to bring mobile phones to school as they get easily distracted by these communication devices during class.

Young people tend to download all kinds of games to their cellphones.  The temptation to play these games during lessons is great.  They would also call or text their buddies.  Such activities make them inattentive when their teachers are teaching.  As a result, many students may flunk their grades.

It is not wise to bring a mobile phone to school as it may get lost or stolen. When a handphone theft occurs, a student is likely to report the loss to the school authority.  The school will have to investigate the matter and that takes time and effort.

Therefore, allowing students to bring their mobile phones to school would be a fatal mistake as it would be a major distraction.  By prohibiting students from bringing them along to school, we are ensuring that at the very least, there will be one less distraction for students.

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