A Terrifying Holiday

By Esther S. (15 years old)

“Wow! It’s a super big candy house!” I exclaimed. My family of three was on a holiday trip to the Singapore Universal Studios. When we reached the main entrance, our jaws dropped.  The place was stupendous.  Standing from outside the gates, I could see six candy stores with hundreds of candies. Lollipops in various sizes and colours were hanging from the ceiling.   Never had I in my entire life seen such an amazing sight; it was akin to a candy forest!

With excitement written on our faces, we went to the ticket counter to purchase the entrance tickets.  The ticket seller was a Thai national. “Sawadicup! Welcome!” he said with a cheerful smile. “Welcome to Universal Studios!” Mom and I giggled at his funny accent as Dad bought three tickets.

As soon as we entered the gates, we bumped into my old friend, Susan.  She was here for the second time.  She offered to show us around as the theme park was extremely huge.  “Let’s try out the Mummy’s Hole!”  I suggested.  “You’re going to regret it as soon as you go in,” Susan whispered but I was too eager to explore the cave so I ignored her warning and pulled her along.

True to her prediction, I turned as pale as a sheet no sooner than I stepped into the entrance. The door locked itself automatically after we entered and it was pitch-black inside.  I bravely squared my shoulders and told myself, “Well, there is no way to turn back, so the only way is to go forward.”

“Argh! Something cold touched me!” I screeched.  “It was only me. I can’t see anything,” muttered Susan.  All of a sudden, the lights came on.  We were standing in a cart of a small roller coaster but I felt like we were on the edge of a cliff.  My trembling legs turned into rubber so I sank weakly onto the seat. The seat belt quickly fastened by itself and the cart started to move.

It moved slowly at first but soon picked up speed.  A mummy suddenly jumped out right in front of me.  It almost gave me a heart attack.  The eerie noises and spider webs hanging from the low roof didn’t help to calm my pounding heart.  As if the ordeal was not enough, the cart began to move even faster.   “Susan! How do you stop this thing?”  I screamed with tears streaming down my white face.  “I told you that you would regret coming in, didn’t I?  But you turned a deaf ear.  Stop being a baby and try to enjoy it!” she answered.  I clamped my mouth shut immediately.


Vampire (Photo credit: Carniphage)

The cart continued to hurl forward and horror of horrors, a vampire with blood soaked fangs materialised out of thin air.  If I wasn’t terrified enough before this, I was totally, a hundred percent terrorised now.  Helplessly, I puked my lunch all over the cart.

Thankfully, the cart eased to a stop.  I hurriedly got off the cart and walked dizzily towards the exit.  It took a few minutes to partially recover my equilibrium. I looked at Susan but she seemed fine.  I was the only one walking like a drunken sailor and looking like an idiot.  Why is life so unfair?  This lousy start to a supposedly wonderful holiday is one that I could easily live without.


About Katherine

Just a female who has time to do a bit of pondering and musing. Otherwise, I am on an interesting journey down the path to being a senior citizen.
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