Health is Wealth

Having learnt the health related words, the student is required to use as many of those vocabs (in bold font).


Health is Wealth
By Ong K.T.  (15 years old)


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It is really important to be healthy.  Therefore, you should eat well, sleep well and exercise well.

Eating well is absolutely important.  You must have a balanced diet wherein you have sufficient intakes of essential nutrients like calcium, protein and vitamins.  Calcium is necessary for the development and maintenance of strong bones and teeth.  Protein is one of the most important and essential foods your body needs on a daily basis.  A fifth of your body is made up of protein and without it, your body cannot produce or store energy to build and repair body tissues.  Vitamins are equally vital in our daily diet as they help us digest our food, fight infectious diseases and manufacture new cells.  Eating lots of fruits and vegetables will ensure an adequate supply of vitamins and fibre.  Fibre is a natural laxative that prevents constipation, a condition whereby one has difficulty in emptying the bowels.

If you have eating disorders like anorexia or bullimia, you will have little energy to go about your daily activities.  Anorexics reject food for fear of getting fat whilst bulimics force themselves to throw up after eating.  If you don’t eat, you will look like a skeleton.  There are a lot of diseases that might befall you if you don’t eat a balanced diet.  You might fall victim to vertigo or lightheadedness because by not eating, you do not have enough energy to stay upright.  Fainting spells can cause you great physical harm if you take a hard fall and hit your head.

On the other hand, some people eat too much and never exercise.  They are likely to become obese and suffer from diabetes, respiratory problems or other forms of illnesses. Some severely obese people have to stay in bed all the time.  Lying on the bed constantly will cause bedsores and other health complications.  It is alarming to note that the world is currently experiencing an obesity pandemic that is overwhelming health systems and incurring high health costs.

You also need to sleep well.  Insomnia or sleeplessness makes you feel anxious, depressed and irritable. You may have trouble focusing on tasks, paying attention in class, learning and remembering.  This can prevent you from doing your best in school.

Exercise is also a major factor of health. Not only does it help the body to strengthen and keep fit but it also reduces stress and the possibility of having insomnia. Going to gymnasium might help, but it is not necessary. Instead, one can exercise at the park, outside his house or even inside!

You must have a balanced diet, enough restful sleep, and exercise to keep fit and healthy.  If you do not take care of yourself, you will not have enough antibodies to ward off contagious sicknesses that will attack your body system and render you an invalid.  To live well, one must enjoy life to the fullest and you need a healthy body, mind and soul to do just that!



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