Thumbelina – A Love Story

Retold by Stephanie T (9 years old)


Once there lived a childless old lady in a little cottage near the woods.  One day, she went to see a witch for she desperately wanted a child of her own.  The witch took pity on her and gave her a pink sparkly seed.

The old woman planted the seed. It sprouted and grew into a plant.  She awoke one morning to see that her precious plant had bloomed.  In the centre of the pink flower was a baby girl.

The old lady was overjoyed now that she had a daughter.  She picked up the baby with the greatest care and named her Thumbelina because she was only as big as her thumb.  She adored her new baby girl and doted on her.  Although Thumbelina grew up into a beautiful teenager, she didn’t grow any taller.

One day, a huge toad saw Thumbelina in her yard.  It was love at first sight for him so he carried her away to live in the pond.  He was planning to marry her.

Luckily, Thumbelina escaped and found herself at the doorstep of Mouse.  Kind Mouse took her in and they both lived happily together until the day Fattie Mole came and asked for Thumbelina’s hand in marriage.

Thumbelina declined his marriage proposal but Mouse urged her to go with Fattie Mole.  She had no choice but to follow Fattie Mole to his dark dreary burrow.  She hated the gloomy hole so much that she crawled out of it whenever her intended left to hunt for mice.

One afternoon, she found Madame Swallow lying on the ground.  She looked as if she was dead but when Thumbelina saw that she was still alive, she nursed her back to health.  When Madame Swallow was well, she flew away, leaving poor Thumbelina behind.

The wedding day drew nearer and nearer.  The day finally dawned.  Thumbelina couldn’t stop crying for she really didn’t want to marry a mole.  Fortunately, Madame Swallow came back to Thumbelina and let her ride on her back.  She flew her to the Flower Kingdom where the Flower King lived.

The king thought Thumbelina was the most beautiful maiden he had ever seen. He was head over heels with her.

Taking her tiny hands lovingly in his, he asked, “Will you marry me?”

“Yes!”  Thumbelina shouted joyfully and so they married and lived happily ever after in the Flower Kingdom.


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Just a female who has time to do a bit of pondering and musing. Otherwise, I am on an interesting journey down the path to being a senior citizen.
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