My Favourite Animal

By Megan C. (12 years old)

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Everyone has a favourite animal and so do I.  My preferred animal is a tortoise because it is cute and easy to keep as a pet.

A tortoise has claws but it is a tame animal that won’t hurt anyone.  This reptile also has a hard shell to protect itself.  It uses its four stumpy legs to crawl to wherever it wishes to go.  Never one to hurry, the tortoise is known to take its sweet time to arrive at a destination.

The tortoise is mostly a vegetarian animal.  It feeds on plants and sometimes on worms.  We just have to make sure it has plenty of water to drink and that cost almost nothing.  It is so cheap to keep a tortoise so that is why many people these days have tortoises as pets.

Some people love cats or puppies for pets but I would definitely want a tortoise for my pet because it has a long life span.  It can live more than 150 years.  I won’t have to worry about outliving my pet nor do I have to bury it in my lifetime.  I certainly won’t want to have to grieve for a beloved dead pet.


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