My Pet Fish

Anderson is a bright kid but has never written an English essay in the Chinese school that he attends.  He did a fine job on his first attempt at writing.

My Pet Fish
By Anderson C. (9 years old)

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I have a pet fish and I named it Jack.  He is a goldfish and he lives in a big aquarium.  Jack has big black eyes and chubby cheeks.  He has a long tail to help him swim very fast.  At night, he sleeps in the hole of a big rock.  He probably has some very pleasant fishy dreams!

Jack is a very greedy fish because he loves to eat and eat.  His stomach looks like it is going to burst but he never stops eating.  He is getting very fat.

Jack has two friends.  Their names are Ah Peng and Ah Beng.  They are greedy, too.  They belong to my older brother.   All three of them live together happily in their aquarium.


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