A Wicked Giant

The kids were given a picture of a giant and three of them came up with the same idea of giants eating children.  A rather bloodthirsty lot, don’t you think?

A Wicked Giant
By Angeline T. (7 years old)

The Selfish Giant By Oscar Wilde

Photo credit: Storynory.com


Once upon a time, there lived an enormous giant.  He was as fat as a pig and as tall as a mountain.  All the people in the village were very frightened whenever the giant came to their little village.

One day, the giant went to the village.  He pulled up a big tree and destroyed all the houses and buildings.  The villagers screamed with fright and ran for their lives.

The wicked giant ate some of the children because he thought they were tender and juicy.  After the giant left, the villagers returned to the village.  All of them were very sad, especially those who had lost their children.


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