A Holiday

By HB (15 years old)

Photo credit: maldivestourism.net


School was finally out for the summer holidays. James was over the moon. Full of glee, he punched his fist in the air. He was going to the Maldives for a week!  The best thing was the fact that he was going with his three friends, all on their own and it made him feel very grown-up.

The next morning dawned clear and blue. The golden glow from the sun lit up both the sky and James’ heart as he began to pack his luggage. His heart pounded rapidly as excitement overwhelmed him.

“Ding dong!” the door bell sounded. James hurried to open the door to see familiar faces. “Hey dudes! Are you as excited as I am?” Smiling at his three friends, James ushered them into the living room. He then ran upstairs to get his bag and rejoined his friends. Moments later they were on the ride to the airport in a taxi.

They arrived at the airport after an hour’s drive. The place brimmed with foreigners from all over the world; Chinese, Japanese, Europeans and many other nationalities. Having checked in their luggage, they passed through the security checks.  After a long wait at the departure gate, they were finally on the aeroplane.

The flight took four hours.  After arriving in Male, the capital of Maldives, they went to the Maldives port by taxi and took an express boat to the Angsana Resort. The holiday resort had a stunning view. Azure waters met sapphire-coloured sky while the turquoise lagoon added beauty to the beach. A wide variety of fishes swam around in the glistening water. The boys were very much dazzled by the splendid view.

They quickly checked into the chalet and unpacked their baggage. After changing into their swimming trunks, they raced to the beach.  A lively crowd had already gathered on the warm sandy beach.  The afternoon sun shot its brilliant rays everywhere and a gentle breeze was blowing, making the coconut leaves rustle. The weather was simply perfect for swimming.  The four boys dashed towards the crystal blue water and jumped in gleefully.  Water splashed in every direction as the boys frolicked in the ocean.

After a while, the boys stopped playing and sat on the sandy ground under the shade of a tree. They chatted companionably as they enjoyed the gorgeous view of the beach. Then out of the corner of his eyes, James caught a glimpse of someone surfing on the waves. A middle-aged man was surfing skillfully on a surfboard. Jumping up, the man flew a few feet from the water surface and did a frontside air reverse. “Wow! That was spectacular!” James gasped.

The real fun began during the next morning. James and his gang had a scuba diving lesson from an experienced diving instructor. After they had learnt the safety guidelines from the instructor, they practised proper diving techniques with the scuba gear hitched on their backs. They finally had a chance to go underwater when the instructors deemed them skilful enough to do so. Fascination filled their minds as they explored the clear underwater world. Beautiful coral reefs were everywhere. Colorful fishes darted here and there in the water. The boys tried in vain to catch a fish but had no success. The underwater world was so wonderful that none of the boys wanted to leave when the instructor motioned for them to follow him up to the sea surface.

Soon the sun began to set, casting its beautiful rays over the surface of the calm water. The boys returned to the chalet feeling exhausted but exhilarated. After eating their dinner, the boys lazed around in their room, playing cards while sharing their thoughts about their trip thus far. “I had a lot of fun today. How about you guys?” James asked his companions. “We had fun too,” they chorused. They continued to chat until everyone felt drowsy.

Later that night, James looked out of the window. He was able to see a myriad of stars twinkling in the distant sky. It was a full moon and the moon rays shone brightly over the water. “It has been a wonderful day but I miss home though. I wonder what Mom and Dad are doing now,” James thought. Feeling his eyelids getting heavier, James went to lie on his comfortable bed and slowly fell into sweet slumber with great anticipation about what they would be doing the next few days.



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