From the mouth of 6-year-olds …

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I was reviewing the topic of occupations with two 6-year-olds this morning to evaluate their understanding.

Teacher:  What does a teacher do?

Miss 6:  She teaches students.

Teacher:  Very good!  What does a fisherman do?

Miss 6:  He catches fish and I eat them.

Teacher:  Clever girl!  What does a student do?

Miss 6:  Students do homework.

Teacher:  Yes and they go to school to learn how to read and write.  What does a doctor do?

Miss 6:  He listens to your heart!

Teacher:  Yes, he does that and he also helps make sick people better.  When you are sick, you go to see a doctor.  What does a policeman do?

Miss 6:  He catches whitezen!

Teacher:  White germ?  What do you mean?

Miss 6:  No, no!  坏人!

Teacher:  Oh, you mean he catches bad guys.

Miss 6:  Yes, he catches bad guys!

Teacher:  Indeed he does.  What about a fireman?  What does he do?

Miss 6:  He sees fire on the roof and takes water.  The roof got fire so he waters the roof.  Then the fire explodes and nobody can live in the house anymore.

Meanwhile, Mr. 6 smiles and nods sagely throughout the review.


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One Response to From the mouth of 6-year-olds …

  1. kalabalu says:

    what does your invisible friend has to say ?
    Miss 6 : he got a headache and doesn’t want to be disturbed by you.

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