My Favourite Food

By Esther (15 years old)


Have you ever tasted strawberry pudding cake?  It was the top dessert on every restaurant’s menu when my mother was a little kid.  She had it once at a birthday party and fell in love with it. Grandmother could not afford the expensive treat so, she had no further opportunity to eat it after her first taste.

Knowing that Mother craved the delicacy, Grandma started saving every penny she earned. On Mother’s 10th birthday, she cycled to the bakery.  As they lived in the outskirts, the nearest bakery was about an hour’s worth of furious pedalling. To make matters worse, it rained cats and dogs halfway through her trip.  Granny continued pedalling despite the heavy downpour and was as wet as a fish by the time she reached the baker’s. Before entering the shop, she shook her wet body to send raindrops flying.

She came out of the bakery shortly, carefully holding a small cake box in her hands. Then she got on her bike and headed homeward but accidentally dropped the cake box while trying to avoid hitting a pothole. Unfortunately at that moment, a car was speeding towards her and was going to run over the cake box.  Without hesitation, Grandma ran to snatch it up but was hit by the car.

The flustered driver hurried to where Grandma was; lying in a small pool of blood with the box still tightly clutched in her hands. Bending down, he nodded his head gravely as he tried to catch Grandma’s dying words. “Please… give this to my daughter.  It’s her birthday today.”  With that she breathed her last.  My mother ate the slice of strawberry pudding cake with tears streaming down her face.

On my 10th birthday, Mother bought the same cake and told me this poignant story.  I took a bite.  It was exceedingly delicious!  I slowly savoured the soft texture of the cake and the sweetness of the pudding as they melted in my mouth.  At that precise moment, I knew why Mother loved it so much.

Strawberry pudding cake became my favourite food with that first sampling and it is still so to this very day.  Eating it will always remind me of Grandma and her sacrificial act of love.  Thank you, Grandma for your greatness!  Your name ought to be recorded in the list of “The Great”!


About Katherine

Just a female who has time to do a bit of pondering and musing. Otherwise, I am on an interesting journey down the path to being a senior citizen.
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  1. Duhita says:

    It was emotional .

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