The Rabbit and the Wolf

By Anne (12 years old)

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One day, Robbie Rabbit decided to visit his grandma.  Grandma could tell the most wonderful stories about magical dragons and brave knights in faraway lands. Robbie Rabbit would sit for hours listening to her tales.

After saying goodbye to his mother, Robbie Rabbit set off to Grandma’s house in the woods.  He brought along a basket of juicy strawberries with him.  As he strolled along the forest trail, he stopped to pick some flowers for Grandma.  He took a deep sniff of the sweet-smelling flowers and began to pluck the pretty pink pansies. When he had a nice tidy bouquet, he continued merrily on his way.

Suddenly, a big black wolf came out from behind the pine trees.  He looked wicked and very, very hungry.  His  tongue was hanging out and drool dripped from it.  The big bad wolf was certainly hungry!  He licked his lips in great anticipation of his meal.

Without pause, Robbie Rabbit took to his heels.  He dropped the basket of strawberries in his haste, much to the delight of the bugs living on the jungle floor.

Fortunately, a big brown bear was chopping trees in the forest.  He came after the wolf and killed the wolf with his axe.  The big bad wolf became stew for the bear family that day.


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