Where Do I live?

By JW (11 years old)

Photo credit: 123rf.com


One day, Missy Duckling left her home for a walk.  After a while, she wanted to go home but realised she was lost.  So, she went from place to place, looking for her home.

The first place she stopped by was a hole that belonged to Mr. Fox.  She knocked on his door and asked him whether the hole was her home.  He yelled, “No! And if you don’t go away, I am going to swallow you whole!” The poor little duckling was so scared that she scuttled away in a hurry on her short little legs.

She waddled along the narrow dirt path and came to Mother Bird sitting in her nest on a tree branch.  “Quack! Quack! Do I live here?” she asked.  Mother Bird laughed and said, “Do I look like I am your mother?”

The disappointed duckling went on her way and arrived at a chicken coop. There was Mummy Hen, diligently watching over her brood of little chicks. She was very kind and gently told Missy Duckling that she did not live there.

Missy Duckling plodded on.  Her webbed feet were getting terribly tired.  She went behind the barn and saw a pond.  She trudged towards the pond and when she got nearer, she quacked with delight.  She saw a flock of ducks and ducklings in the water.  They looked just like her and they had friendly and welcoming looks on their faces.

“Quack! Quack! There you are, Missy! Your Papa and I are wondering where you have gone to,” quacked her Mama.

“Oh, Mama!  I am so happy to be home at last!  I don’t ever want to wander away from you and Papa again! Quack! Quack! Quack!” declared Missy Duckling.  So she did not venture out on her own again up to this very day.



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