School Sports Day

By Ellen (7 years old)

Photo credit: Braham Area School


It was the School Sports Day last week.  All the pupils and the teachers went to the school field early in the morning.  Many parents also came to cheer for their kids.

The first race was the gunny sack race.  A teacher called out the names of the eager competitors.  They climbed into their sacks and were all set to start their race.  “Ready, get set… go!” shouted Mr. Tan.

The runners shoot off, all wanting to be the winner.  Ali tripped and fell onto the ground with a loud thud.  Ben was ahead of everyone and crossed the finishing line first.  All the spectators applauded loudly for him.  His family was his loudest supporters.

Jane came in second.  Next, were Jasmine and Angel.  Poor Ali was the last.  The headmaster handed over a big and shiny trophy to Ben.  He was all smiles of course!  Jane and Jasmine were given trophies too.  Everyone including the losers, had fun that day.


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