Racial Harmony Day

By Mei Mei (10 years old)

Our school celebrated Racial Harmony Day yesterday. The special event was held to promote inter-racial understanding among the students.

My classmates and I entered the school hall to find seats for ourselves.  We waited patiently for the performances to begin.  After the opening speech by our headmistress, the dancers came on stage to perform the “Racial Harmony Dance”.  The dancers wore beautiful traditional costumes to represent the different races living in Malaysia.  A Chinese girl wore a red cheongsam while a Malay girl was clad in a baju kurung.  An Indian girl was dressed in a sari and the other performers were attired in their own traditional costumes.

All the dancers danced gracefully.  Much to the delight of the dancers, a loud applause rang out through the hall when the dance ended.  With a big smile on their faces, the performers took their bows. The audience was also treated to songs and other different dances.  I had a wonderful time and I resolved in my heart to live in harmony with my fellow Malaysians.


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