A Snatch Thief

By J. Woo (11 years old)


Image credit: dragoart.com


One Saturday evening, James went out to the supermarket to buy some milk.  He was crossing the road when he saw a man in black snatching the handbag from his neighbour, Mrs. Lim.  Mrs. Lim immediately screamed for help.  James quickly gave chase to the handbag snatcher.

When the snatch thief realised someone was chasing him, he quickened his pace.  After running for five minutes, both of them began to feel tired.  The crook stopped and so did James.  Both of them were panting heavily.

Suddenly, a constable appeared and the thief took to his heels again.  The policeman sprinted after the criminal while James trailed after them.  After a while, he gave up the chase and returned to the supermarket to check on Mrs. Lim.

Soon, the police came to the supermarket with the thief.  Mrs. Lim was happy to recover her stolen handbag. She thanked James and the policeman gratefully.  James was the main witness so, he accompanied them to the police station.  The crook was put in the police lock-up and James was glad that he had performed a good deed.

When he reached home, he related the incident to his family.  His parents praised him for his bravery.  James felt very proud of himself that day.


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