Working with the Synonym “Pitiful’

In this exercise, the student used the synonym “pitiful’ to write of an incident that shook up China in October last year. When writing a report of a real life incident, one has to give an accurate report.


Unedited version

Pathetic, pitiful


I heard a pathetic story from the news.  It happened in China.  Two-year-old girl was walking around the market while her mother was buying something.  Just then, the lorry hit her.  The lorry driver knew that she was under the truck.  However, he just drove away and smashed her legs.  The blood was splashed out when truck went over her legs.  After a while, another truck came and repeated the process again.  It was a shocking but the most shocking one was that there were about fifteen people around the area but nobody helped her.  A few minutes later, the girl’s mother came, lifted her pitiful, dying child and went away.

Edited version

The world is trying to come to grips with a recent pathetic news report about a 2-year-old Chinese girl who was left for dead in a hit and run.  The toddler was knocked down by a van while wandering through the market. The driver stopped, reversed his van and ran over the tot a second time. He then sped off without checking the girl’s condition. Over the following seven minutes, 18 passers-by walked past the bleeding toddler who was writhing in pain. Another van ran over her legs but none stopped to help.  A rubbish collector finally carried the toddler to the side of the street and called for help. The little girl’s migrant mother, who runs a shop in the vicinity was alerted and immediately hastened over.  She rushed her daughter to the hospital.

The pitiful incident prompts me to question myself, “What would I have done if I had happened to pass by the scene?”


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