Working with the Synonym “Brave’

The student used the synonym ‘brave’ to tell about General Zhao Yun in the Three Kingdom era of the Chinese History.  When writing a life story, try to be as credible as possible.  In this example, hitting the bull’s eye with an arrow from a distance of 1 km or fighting with a million soldiers single-handedly are impossible feats.


Unedited version

Valiant, brave


In the age of three countries, there was a general called “Zhao Yun’.  He was very brave, strong and skillful in using the sword and shooting arrows. He could even hit the bull’s eyes from 1 km behind.  He was very valiant that he fought with a million soldiers by himself to save his lord’s son.


Edited version

Zhao Yun was a military general and a hero who lived during the late Han Dynasty and the early Three Kingdoms era of the Chinese history. He was a strong, brave and skillful swordsman. Equally accomplished in archery, he could hit the bull’s eye from a distance of 100 metres.  The historical novel of Romance in the Three Kingdoms portrayed him as a valiant warrior who slew numerous enemy commanders single-handedly in a battle to save his overlord’s son.


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