Working with the Synonym ‘Still’

If you struggle to write a full essay, try working on a single paragraph. Mr. 15 required a lot of practice last year to improve his sentence construction and he also had the problem of repetitive usage of the same word in his writings.  Therefore, letting him work on a single paragraph by using a given synonym worked well for him.  In this example, he worked with ‘motionless, still and stationary’.  This exercise provided him with a few variations for him to learn from.

The unedited version contains some grammatical errors.


Motionless, still, stationary



Unedited version

All the vehicles on the road were motionless like a statueSeeing from above the sky, they were as small as still toy cars.  The blistering sunlight was heating up the cars as if it was going to melt them down.  As the time passed, the motorists got annoyed and tried to find the reason of the traffic congestion.  It was because of the breakdown of the traffic lights.  It made all the cars stationary.


Edit 1

The vehicles on the road sat as still as statues. Seen from the sky above, they looked like tiny motionless toy cars. The blistering sunlight heated up the cars as if it intended to melt them down. The motorists became more livid by the minute at being the victims of the traffic jam. They were greatly incensed that faulty traffic lights were causing the automobiles to become stationary.


Edit 2

The traffic on the highway came to a complete stop.  In fact, each vehicle was as still as a statue.  From a bird’s eye view, the automobiles looked like tiny motionless toy cars in a very long queue.  The broiling sun blazed down unmercifully causing motorists and passengers to sweat like pigs.  Needless to say, tempers were running short when it was known that faulty traffic lights once again caused the traffic to come to a standstill. “This is happening way too often lately,” fumed the stranded motorists. “When will the stationary vehicles start moving?”


Edit 3

The motionless vehicles on the road reminded Jack of the statues he saw in the museum. From his vantage point, they were like angry ants streaming out from a disturbed nest; difference being these ants were stationary. He beckoned the chopper pilot to go further down the highway to investigate the cause of the massive traffic bottleneck. Within minutes, they arrived at the scene.  It turned out the gridlock was caused by a large herd of cows standing still in the middle of the highway.


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