The Best Birthday Ever

The student has to make use of the synonym for “happy” in this essay.

The Best Birthday Ever
By Kaylynn (13 years old)


I woke up to the sound of birds chirping.  This was no ordinary day for I was turning ten.  Turning ten is a big deal because most adults treat you like a grown-up.

After treating myself to a long bubble bath, I went downstairs for breakfast.  “Weird,” I said to myself.  There wasn’t anybody in sight.  Opening the cabinet door, I reached for a box of cereal.  Just as I was about to eat, all my family members and friends came out of their hiding place.

“Surprise!”  they gleefully shouted. I chuckled and told them that I was indeed very pleasantly surprised.  After giving me a quick hug, my older sister slipped a small piece of paper into my hand.  “Happy Birthday, kiddo!” she whispered into my ears.  Curious, I held the paper up and looked at it.  “Selena Gomez Tour Ticket” was boldly printed on the ticket.  A big smile split across my face.  I was over the moon!  As a devoted fan of Selena, the chance to meet her in person was a fantastic dream come true.

The concert was in the afternoon. The hall was packed to the brim with an enthusiastic crowd.  When Selena appeared on stage, everyone roared her name wildly.  After the show, I managed to take a picture with Selena and she gave me an autographed poster of herself.  I was walking on cloud nine as I headed home.

That night, I wrote down everything about the exhilarating and memorable event.  I was so grateful to all my family members for making my birthday such a delightful one.  It was certainly the best birthday I ever had.


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