Grass by Andrew Toy



I am a blade of grass. You might not think that’s such a big deal but I have a very important job to do. My job is to be a soft place for you to run on.

Being a blade of grass has its up and downs. One of the drawbacks is that it’s hard to stand out from the rest of the grass. After all, one blade of grass looks the same as the others.

In the springtime I enjoy watching the neighborhood kids play baseball across the park. Just one thing, though: If you happen to be one of those kids, please make sure you catch the fly balls, because it hurts to be hit by a baseball.

But I guess that’s better than when the kids play soccer. A blade of grass can’t really jump away from a rolling ball.

Lawn mowers don’t scare me as much as you would think. Really, they’re just loud. And I can stand to get my haircut every now and then.

In the summer time it’s nice having the sprinklers cool me off from the hot sun. Sometimes the grass around me doesn’t get any water, so they turn yellow from being too hot.

Once, I woke up from a nap in the middle of the day, and everything was dark. The whole time I could smell fruits and deli meats and fresh baked cookies! Us grass blades have a very good sense of smell.

When I could finally see again, birds swept down from the sky and stole food crumbs from all of us grass blades. I wonder where all that food came from?

I’ll tell you a secret. As a grass blade, I don’t like dogs. Dogs leave such big messes! So please, the next time you bring your dog outside on the grass, bring a baggie. I would be grateful.

You know what makes me sad? Sometimes, when it’s bright and sunny outside, no one comes out to play. I’ve been told that that’s because all the kids are inside their houses watching TV or playing video games. Things could get pretty lonely for a blade of grass.

In the fall it rains a lot so I can understand why no one comes outside to play. But just remember us blades of grass as we’re trying not to drown in the puddles.

And if you do happen to come out in the rain, don’t step on all the worms. Even though they look like giant monsters, they really are quite kind and help us grow.

And make sure to help your parents rake up the leaves, so we too can see the rest of the leaves change colors. No one wants to be buried under a leaf all day.

But when the rain and the leaves stop falling from the sky, the air gets colder and every night I get frozen. I’m not as soft as I was in the summer. Now I make sort of a crunch sound when I’m stepped on. No one enjoys playing on something that’s cold and crunchy.

The park is empty for months on end, and even though I’m surrounded by other grass blades, they’re frozen just like I am. So it’s extra quiet outside in the park. Even when the frost turns to snow we all just keep to ourselves and try to get warm.

When I sleep during those cold winter nights, I dream of sunny days and children playing in the park. And when it’s still and quiet all around me during the day, I even long to hear a dog bark. But all I can hear is the soft wind stirring in the snow above me.

But soon, the snow begins to melt away. The sun shines and I can see fellow grass blades standing up from the snow one by one. Suddenly, standing out from the others doesn’t seem so important, and I’m glad we all made it through the winter together.

But when the sun shines its brightest and I stretch my tallest, an ant just might pick me, of all the other blades of grass, to climb up and see the waking world.

And maybe we’ll see you coming out of your house to play.



As an avid admirer of those who could write autobiographies through objects with sophisticated flair, I have truly enjoyed this piece of writing. It’s pretty awesome!  Visit Andrew’s blog for more of his discerning commentaries.

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Just a female who has time to do a bit of pondering and musing. Otherwise, I am on an interesting journey down the path to being a senior citizen.
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