A Mystifying Rescue

Kudos to you, HB for writing this essay. You took yourself out of your comfort zone with the usual delivery of a 350-word essay.  Personally, I think this story is pretty awesome!  Way to go!

A Mystifying Rescue

By HB (15 years old)



Jason was feeling excited. His class was going camping and they were on their way to the Jurong Forest.  Together with his classmates, he hiked towards the campsite, feeling extremely tired but exhilarated. The blistering heat was making him sweat like a pig.   Beads of perspiration dotted his forehead and dripped down his face.  A crow cawed from its perch atop a tree.  “Look! A squirrel!” one of his friends exclaimed enthusiastically, pointing a finger towards a stand of trees.

As they approached their destination, Jason heard the babbling water. “Is there a stream nearby here?” he asked as he picked his way carefully through gnarled roots on the uneven ground. “Yep, there is. But it’s quite deep and the current is extremely swift. So, don’t you boys take any risks by swimming in it,” Mr. Kim, his form teacher cautioned.

After walking for a further quarter of an hour, they finally reached the campsite.  Everyone was covered with dirt, sweat, leaves and twigs. “Is there a bathroom?” Jason murmured to himself as he looked around, searching for it desperately. However, when he finally located the bathroom, there was a long queue, much to his disgust.  He had to wait for his turn to shower. “Ah, I don’t care. I will bathe at the river,” he groused as he got fed up of waiting. Grabbing a change of clean clothes, he sauntered towards the stream.

As he neared the stream, he heard a strange noise. “What can that be?  It must be the gurgling water,” he thought. The sounds continued and it did not appear to be the whooshing of flowing water.  He stopped in his tracks to listen more intently.

“Help! Help!” A desperate cry pierced shrilly through the air. He ran as fast as he could towards the direction of the cries. After breaking through the thick undergrowth to reach the stream, he gave it a quick scan. To his horror, he saw a small girl struggling helplessly in the water. “What can I do? The current is too fast and strong. I will surely drown if I try to jump in but if I don’t, the girl’s going to drown,” he muttered to himself.  Urgency and indecision battled in his thoughts while the girl was being carried downstream by the swift current, her face downward.

Urgency prevailed.  He dived into the icy water.  “Dear God, please give me the strength to save that drowning child,” he prayed.  Ahead, he could see the small figure of the girl bobbing in the water.   The current was incredibly strong and swept him away like a sandal. He was hurtled downstream, and kept bumping into rocks and swallowing enormous mouthfuls of water. He was getting terribly fatigued. If he could not even fend for himself, how could he rescue another? But how could he give up?  A little girl’s life is at stake.  He was determined to persevere.

Somehow, he managed to reach the unconscious girl.  However, by the time he reached her, he was so worn-out that he could not muster up the energy to swim to the bank. He wrapped his left hand under her arms and struggled to swim towards the stream bank. Tiredness seeped through him. “So this is how I am going to die. A watery grave…”  he mused.  He began to sink, gasping for air like a goldfish.  Soon he too, lost consciousness.

When he awoke, he was lying on a bunk in a small room. His body ached all over.  At that moment, the door opened and Mr. Kim entered the room. A bright smile lit up his face when he saw that Jason was awake, and he rushed over to the bed. “I am happy to see you are awake.  We were worried for a while.  You swallowed a lot of water,” he said, letting out a sigh of relief.

He went on to explain that a trio of his friends had discovered him and the little girl lying unconscious by the stream. “But I wasn’t! I mean, I was drowning!”Jason exclaimed, astonished by the revelation. “I am glad you are on the mend,” Mr. Kim said cheerfully.  “Let’s hope you will be on your feet soon!”

After a day of bed rest, Jason was right as rain. The little girl whom he had rescued was also in good health, none the worse after her frightening experience. However, Jason could not stop puzzling over his near death. He was greatly mystified and could not understand how he had survived the drowning. He finally concluded that it must have been God who helped him that day.  Bowing his head in reverence, he uttered a grateful prayer, “Thank you for saving both of us, dear Lord. May my angel continue to watch over me, protecting me from all dangers and harm.”


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