My Favourite Food

By EN (17 years old)


A tantalizing aroma wafted into my bedroom, enticing me out of it and into the kitchen.  I sniffed deeply and oh, what a sheer pleasure!  I could recognise that heavenly smell anywhere.

My eyes lit up and the corner of my lips curled up into a huge grin as I sighted a plate of omelette sitting on the countertop.  Yes, the mere mention of omelette never fails to trigger my salivation glands!  And there it was, still warm with an open invitation, “Eat me! Eat me!”  Being the obliging fellow that I was where my stomach was concerned, I enthusiastically dug into the fluffy texture. The excellent blend of the salty, peppery and cheesy flavour was simply brilliant!

My love affair with omelette went way back when I was five.  Mum used to serve it with diced vegetables and mozzarella cheese toppings back then.  Whenever I tried my hand at the dish, I added big onions, carrots, mushrooms, cheese and bacon. The omelette looked ever so appealing and appetising after I squeezed a zig-zag line of chilli sauce over it.

Omelette – easy to prepare, fast to cook, good to eat and nutritious to the boot.  What other food could possibly beat this wholesome and versatile dish?


About Katherine

Just a female who has time to do a bit of pondering and musing. Otherwise, I am on an interesting journey down the path to being a senior citizen.
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