If I Were a Rich Man – 3

By ST (13 years old)


If I were a rich man, I would first donate some money to the hard-core poor.  Then I would give some of my money to my parents. I would also throw lavish birthday parties for my parents on their birthdays and shower them with wonderful gifts.  I would buy marvellous presents for my best friend on his birthday. I would also go back to South Korea often to visit my grandparents and my friends.

I would purchase two luxurious cars; one for my mother to use in South Korea and the other would remain in Malaysia. When my parents and friends visit, I would drive them around in my plush car. I would certainly have a full wardrobe of the latest fashion trends and would definitely acquire the latest Apple iPhone.

I love to cook.  My ambition is to become a famous and world class top chef.  Therefore I would build a state-of-the-art kitchen where I could perfect my culinary skills and cook delicious meals for my family and my girlfriend.

To enjoy an ideal lifestyle means having my own recreational centre. There would be a basketball court, a badminton court, a snooker room, a table tennis room, a bowling alley, a football field and a swimming pool.  The centre would also include a mini theatre, a cyber café, a casino, a karaoke and a music room where all the latest electronic musical instruments and gadgets are complete for a musical band.

Oh, would that I were the richest man in the world!


About Katherine

Just a female who has time to do a bit of pondering and musing. Otherwise, I am on an interesting journey down the path to being a senior citizen.
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