The Best Investion – 4

By EN (17 years old)

My clan has travelled far and wide, to every part of the world and even beyond space.  All the industries that roll out mass productions daily cannot do without me – you name them: computers, electronics, machines or furniture. I  am instrumental for their success.  Look around you – your bed, table, chair, fan, air-conditioner, and even your doors exist because of me!

“Who are you?” you might ask. Well, I am a guy with a small build, but everyone who knows me acknowledges the immense power I wield.  Go on, give it a guess.

If you have guessed right, let me offer you my congratulations.  If not, then please allow me to introduce myself.

I am a Philips screw, one of the most powerful inventions of the early 20th century! A clever engineer, brilliant innovator and an even shrewder Oregon businessman Henry. F. Phillips, gave birth to me. This great visionary was trying to solve an industrial problem then. Inspired by a socket screw, he purchased the patent and redesigned the traditional slot screw into a crosshead or what is known now as a cruciform head.

We were soon considered as a leader in the innovation of fastener technology. By 1940, Phillips screws were used by the entire automotive industry and today, all hardware stores welcome our presence. Carpenters and home-repair folks across the globe too, greatly herald and applaud our existence, I am sure. Gone were the days when they would end up getting sore thumbs be it making a new piece of furniture or fixing a broken chair.

Some people might think that the computer or the aeroplane is the best invention, but they need a whole lot of us in order to be complete.  If I was not invented, the computer in front of you might not be there! Indeed the manufacturing sector would collapse should I, this small being, disappears into the thin air one day.  Now, who says size matter?

People usually do not know the difference between me and my buddy, Bolt. Bolt has a shape similar to my shape but he can only work well when his twin, Nut is there to offer him assistance.  On the other hand, the tribe of Screws are designed to work independently. So make no mistake – we, the Screws are of a different race, and the society of Screws emerges the winner hands down when it comes to the sphere of fasteners.


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Just a female who has time to do a bit of pondering and musing. Otherwise, I am on an interesting journey down the path to being a senior citizen.
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