A Crazy Teacher

By Rae (14 years old)



“Ring! Ring! Ring!”  The alarm clock rang until Jordan opened his bleary eyes.  He looked at the clock and quickly jumped out of his bed.  It was already 9 o’clock!  He had overslept, dreadfully so.  Brushing his teeth furiously with one hand, he frantically stuffed his books and stationery into his schoolbag with the other.  After changing into his uniform, he rushed to school.  Fortunately, it was only 2km away.

He reached his class trembling in his shoes.  Not only was he exceedingly late, the class was having their Music lesson. The Music teacher, Miss Sharon was infamous for lecturing students for the slightest misdemeanours.  Unlike the rest of the teachers, Miss Sharon’s rebukes were rather unique.  After a good talking to, the unlucky victim’s face would be quite wet; not from tears nor sweat, but from saliva.

Jordan knocked on the door and nervously asked for permission to enter. To his utmost amazement, she granted his request amiably.  “Lucky me! She’s in a good mood!” he thought happily.  He was still smiling to himself when Miss Sharon asked everyone to hand in their homework.  He opened his bag only to find he had brought along every single one of his textbooks and notebooks except for the one he really needed at that crucial moment – Miss Sharon’s Music assignment.  “I must have left it under my pillow,” he groaned.

“Jordan Liu Bo Nau!”  Where. Is. Your. Homework?” she screamed.  Petrified, he could only gape at her.  A deadly silence filled the classroom while the students waited expectantly for the drama to unfold.  “Jordan Liu!  Hand in your homework this instant! “ Miss Sharon called again.  Instead of giving a credible answer, Jordan started to cry.  Miss Sharon, on the other hand, began to spew out obscenities at the top of her voice while slamming the blackboard with her fists.  Everyone was stunned at her outburst.  Some even feared she might run amok.

Fortunately, the teachers teaching in the adjoining classes heard the ruckus.  When they saw how Miss Sharon was acting up, they quickly restrained her and brought her to the staffroom.  A few minutes later, a teacher came to bid Jordan to follow her to the principal’s office. The headmaster interrogated him about the incident. Jordan explained the bizarre episode to the best of his ability.  He was then sent back to class with the instruction for the class monitor to see the principal.

A week passed and Miss Sharon was not seen since that awful day.  During assembly that morning, the headmaster announced that due to a nervous breakdown, Miss Sharon would be on a long medical leave.  Jordan was overjoyed for he greatly disliked the lady teacher.  However, he soon changed his mind when he saw whom the replacement teacher was – his father!


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Just a female who has time to do a bit of pondering and musing. Otherwise, I am on an interesting journey down the path to being a senior citizen.
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