Remedial Class

By Reine (13 years old)

Photo credit: Discovery Education

The class of Year 3B flunked their History test last semester.  As a result of their poor grades, all the students were to stay back each day after school to take remedial classes this semester to help them make the grade.  One could hear all the loud moans and groans as the students pulled their faces when the History teacher, Miss Kim made the announcement.  Everyone considered History a boring subject as they thought that studying things of the past had no bearing to the present times. They utterly detested the subject.

Today was the first History enrichment class.  Every student had to be present from 2:30pm to 4pm; a time when eyelids were as heavy as lead. The windows were opened wide to ventilate the classroom so that everyone would not become drowsy and nod off during the lesson.

The class was learning about early civilisations.  To make the lesson lively and interesting, Miss Lim divided the class into five teams of six members each.  Each team was to choose a representative to give a 5-minute presentation on the early civilization of five different countries – China, Egypt, India, Rome and Greece.  Miss Lim would evaluate their presentations and the winning team would receive a small gift.

It was Ray’s turn to present on the early Roman civilization for his team.  He gave such an animated presentation that his classmates listened in rapt attention. At the end of his speech, Ray received a standing ovation and that really made Ray grin like a Cheshire cat.  History could be interesting after all!


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