An Unfortunate Fall

By Jason L. (12 years old)


Last Saturday, Mae accompanied her mother to the wet market for their weekly marketing. Dozens of people were milling about, going from stall to stall carrying shopping baskets.  Some shoppers were pushing trolleys.  The greengrocers displayed their vegetables and fruits neatly. They sprayed water on them to make them appear fresh and juicy. The voices of customers bargaining and haggling over the prices could be heard above the din.

After having bought some vegetables, Mae and her mother headed for the seafood section.  “Fresh mackerel for $18 dollars a kilo!” a smiling fishmonger wearing a blood stained apron called out cheerfully. He held the fish in his hands for his customers to inspect.  An elderly fishmonger was throwing ice over his fish. Some of the ice cubes fell onto the greyish floor.

The ice cubes soon melted into a small puddle, making the grimy floor as slippery as an eel.  “I hope nobody steps in that puddle and fall,” Mae worried as she followed her mother to their regular stall.  At that very moment, a lady shopper stepped in the puddle and slipped.  She let out a shrill shriek as she landed with a loud thud on the wet floor.  Her shopping basket flew in another direction, scattering her purchases all over the grubby floor.

Shocked to witness the unfortunate incident, Mae’s mother quickly walked up to the poor woman. “Are you hurt?” she asked anxiously as she tried to help the shaken lady up.  “Ouch, that hurts!” the lady cried as a sharp pain shot up her leg as she attempted to get up.  Mae’s mother whipped out her mobile phone, dialed 999 and calmly reported the accident.

Soon the siren of the ambulance reverberated through the air.  As soon as the ambulance screeched to a halt, the paramedics came rushing up to the injured lady. After administering first aid, the paramedics placed her on a gurney and wheeled her to the ambulance.  Mae and her mother heaved a sigh of relief and resumed their shopping activity.


About Katherine

Just a female who has time to do a bit of pondering and musing. Otherwise, I am on an interesting journey down the path to being a senior citizen.
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