I Have Wetted My Pants Again!

By H. Sung (16 years old)



“I have wetted my pants again! This is the fifth time this week! What are you doing to me, my dear bladder?” Jane groaned as she caught a whiff of the familiar malodour, and felt her soaked pants clinging to her thighs.

She was 18 years old and a fine young lady with graceful etiquette.  While she drew long, admiring looks from the boys, other girls were positively green with envy of her gorgeous looks – willowy, bright-eyed with impossibly thick, long eyelashes, straight shoulder-length raven black hair, rosy cheeks that complemented her adorable heart-shaped face.  Indeed, she had been told that she was as pretty as a picture since she was a baby. With her perfect grades, she was the most popular girl in college. In other words, she was the epitome of perfection.

However, she had a fatal flaw – she frequently wetted her bed!  And the frequency had increased lately. “I must not let Mum know or else she will fret,” she thought as she rushed into the toilet. It was only five o’clock in the morning which meant she had an hour before her mum woke. Fortunately, her mattress was not wet this time. She took a quick shower, then dumped her soiled bed sheet and clothing into the washing machine before slipping back into bed.

Unable to fall back to sleep , she brooded, “I hope Mom won’t notice the extra load of laundry.” After long minutes of tossing and turning in bed, she finally gave up on the futile attempt to  sleep.  Sighing heavily, she decided, “Oh well, I might as well get up and surf the web to read up on my malaise.”

“Ouch!” she cried out as she bumped into a chair.  Not daring to turn on the lights for fear her mum would notice, she struggled in pitch darkness to find her way to the study table to switch on her laptop. Once her computer had booted up, she opened her browser, Google Chrome, and typed in ‘nocturia’. That was the name of her medical condition according to her doctor.

Greatly bothered by Jane’s frequent visits to the toilet during the day and bed-wetting at night, her mum brought her to a urologist when she was seven. She was diagnosed as suffering from acute nocturia. Since then, she had to visit the hospital regularly to monitor her condition as well as to collect her medication. The prescription could not cure her malady. It only helped to control her overactive bladder somewhat. She still wetted her bed once in a while, and she had to be excused often to visit the washroom during classes.

She did not expect to find anything new. Each time she surfed the Internet, she had high hopes that a cure for her disorder might be found, but only to have her hopes dashed again and again. This time however, to her surprise, there was a new website. “How to Cure Nocturia.”  I thought there was no cure for nocturia?’ she pondered.  Her interest greatly piqued, she clicked on the page.

It was a plain website, with no advertisements, links or pictures. “Weird,” she mused. There was a brief description of the treatment.  In fact, there were only two sentences.  “Drink a can of Coca-Cola mixed with a tablespoon of salt every day. After drinking, spin yourself in a circle for seven times while chanting ‘nocturia’.” She consulted her doctor about the treatment, but he declared that such treatment was most likely a hoax.

While the so-called cure seemed dubious, she decided to give it a shot because she was desperately desperate. For the next 365 days, she religiously gulped down a tin of salty Coke, spun herself in a circle for seven times and chanted ‘nocturia’ without fail. To her amazement, her constant trips to empty her bladder slowly decreased. By the 366th day, she had fully eradicated her ‘nemesis’. Overjoyed, Jane tried searching for the website where she had gotten the unorthodox therapy, but all she found was a “404 – Not Found” web page.

Be it prayers, a stroke of luck or fate that had brought about the miraculous cure, she was just plain thankful to be free of her affliction.  She closed her eyes, tilted her head towards heaven and offered up a thousand thanks to the kind-hearted stranger who had posted his rare insight.  In truth, a million zillion thanks would not be enough!


About Katherine

Just a female who has time to do a bit of pondering and musing. Otherwise, I am on an interesting journey down the path to being a senior citizen.
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