The Playful Puppy

By W.Bin (11 years old)



David and Mary were working on their art project on a hot and humid afternoon.  They had been painting painstakingly on the floor for the last two hours. Totally focused on their masterpiece, they did not realise that their puppy Toto had entered their makeshift studio.

At first, Toto ran around in circles chasing his own tail.  With an attention span like a hyperactive toddler, he soon became bored playing by himself.  His inquisitive eyes spied a can of red paint and in three shakes of a tail, he pounced on it.  The can toppled over and spilled over the painting, causing ugly splotches of red paint to form on the canvas.  Blissfully ignorant of his folly, Toto wagged his tail vigorously and gave a soft, pleased bark.

The two siblings gaped in horror at the sight of their ruined work.  Hours of hard work had just gone to waste.  So furious were they that they felt like picking up the errant puppy and throwing him into the pool outside.  Fortunately for Toto, they did not act on their impulse.

The twins stared at their damaged painting as they contemplated on what they should do.  Finally, David suggested, “Let’s start from scratch.”  Mary readily agreed as there was nothing else they could do.  Before embarking on their new landscape piece, they made sure that Toto was locked outside. When they finished, they were exhausted but felt very satisfied with their efforts.

Their art piece was chosen to represent their school in the national art competition. To their utmost delight, it won the third prize.  Using some of their prize money, they bought Toto a rubber bone because he had helped, in a manner.


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Just a female who has time to do a bit of pondering and musing. Otherwise, I am on an interesting journey down the path to being a senior citizen.
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