Reckless Cyclists

By EN (17 years old)



Stephen and Tom are good friends.  One day, Tom bought a new bicycle and showed it off to Stephen.  The latter was envious of his buddy’s bike so, he went home and implored his parents to buy a bike for him too.  A week later, Stephen’s wish was granted when he got his own bike.

On the very next day, the two chums met for a race down a nearby slope. Their gleeful laughter rang out across the clearing as they pedalled at great speed to outrace each other.  Greatly enjoying themselves, they did not see an old woman ahead until it was too late.  Alarmed, the boys yelled, “Move!  Move out of the way!” but the lady seemed not to hear them.  In a fine state of panic by now, the two young bikers tried to brake but the bikes hurtled downhill instead, too fast to stop.

They knew that the elderly lady would be greatly injured if they knocked into her.  Mentally offering up a prayer, they swerved towards the hedges.  Stephen knocked into a tree, and Tom fell headlong into the hedges. They landed on all fours on the ground.  Pain shot through their limbs and they grimaced in agony while realising they were unable to move.  They began to shout for help once they snapped out of their stupor.

Fortunately, a passer-by heard their cries.  She helped the boys up and brought them to her house which was close by, to clean and dress their wounds.  After thanking their good Samaritan profusely, the two dare devils limped home alongside their bicycles, swearing never to be so reckless again in the future.


About Katherine

Just a female who has time to do a bit of pondering and musing. Otherwise, I am on an interesting journey down the path to being a senior citizen.
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