By Jason L. (12 years old)



The bell rang to signal the recess period for the students of Lodge Primary School.  Everyone dashed through the doors to be the first in line at their favourite stalls in the school canteen except for Jeremy. Unaffected by the boisterousness of his schoolmates, he walked leisurely towards the canteen.

As he neared the canteen, he sniffed at the heavenly aroma of fried chicken with great pleasure.  Pak Lah was most assuredly, the master chef of crispy fried chicken in the whole of Malaysia!  Licking his lips with great anticipation, he headed straight for Pak Lah’s stall.

While patiently waiting for his turn, he idly looked around the canteen at his fellow students. Some of them were already seated at the long tables, hungrily gulping down their food. It was his turn to buy food when James, a classmate, suddenly cut the line.  Greatly maddened, Jeremy shoved at the queue-jumper. 

In a fit of anger, James threw a hard punch at Jeremy’s stomach.  The latter lost his balance and fell onto the cement floor with a loud thud.  Jeremy cried out in pain as he clutched tightly to his elbow where a deep purplish bruise was already forming.  His face turned as pale as a corpse.  James panicked as he realised the seriousness of his rash act.  He looked as shaken as his injured classmate.

One of their classmates who had witnessed the quarrel ran to the staffroom to alert their class teacher, Mdm. Lee.  She reprimanded the two wilful boys for quarrelling over such a small matter.  She told them that violence was not the key to solving problems, otherwise Jeremy would not have ended up being hurt.  The boys could only hang their heads in shame as their teacher droned on and on.  When their teacher finished her lecture, they hastily apologised and made good their escape.


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Just a female who has time to do a bit of pondering and musing. Otherwise, I am on an interesting journey down the path to being a senior citizen.
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