An Accident

By Jason L. (12 years old)


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It was a hot Wednesday afternoon and I was on my way home from school.  The scorching rays of the sun beat unmercifully down upon my back and the wind tossed my hair as cars sped along the road.  I hastened my steps as my empty stomach growled.  The growling was getting louder with each passing second.

Suddenly there was a very loud bang!  I stood frozen in my tracks and stared in horror at the horrifying scene right before my very eyes.  A red Mercedes Convertible had crashed into a silver BMW.  The female driver in the red Mercedes was slumped over its steering wheel unconscious while the young male motorist in the BMW appeared to have blacked out as well.  Blood was oozing from his forehead as he lay limp like a ragdoll on the driver’s seat.

A lady standing behind me also witnessed the accident.  She whipped out her mobile phone from her handbag and called the ambulance.  Speaking rapidly, she reported the accident.  After ending the call, she dashed towards the wreckage with me trailing behind her.  She headed towards the red car and I made for the white one.  I tried to open the door but it would not budge.  Grabbing a small rock by the roadside, I smashed a window to let air into the vehicle while waiting for help to arrive.

Soon, the loud wail of the sirens reverberated through the air.  Both the police and the ambulance had arrived.  The paramedics jumped out of the ambulance as soon as it screeched to a halt.  After administering emergency treatment to the two victims, the medical team gently transferred them onto the stretchers and placed them in the ambulance before racing off to the hospital.

Offering up a silent prayer for the two unfortunate casualties, I continued my way home.  It was a rattling experience for me and I hoped that I would never have to witness any more motor accidents in the future.


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