From the mouths of 5-year-olds…..

5-year-olds never fail to amaze me.  They truly provide awesome conversations.

Mr. 5A:  I saw your sister this morning.

Mr. 5B:  You did?

Mr. 5A:  Yep, I did.  She’s so ugly!

Mr. 5B:  My sister is not ugly!  She is very pretty!

Mr. 5A:  She’s not!  She’s very ugly!

Mr. 5B:  She’s not ugly!  She is BEAUTIFUL!

Every girl out there won’t mind Mr. 5B for a brother!  I know I won’t.


One afternoon, Miss 5 and Mr. 5 happened to go to the washroom together.

Mr. 5:    You sit down?

Miss 5:  Yes, I do.  You don’t sit, you stand?

Mr. 5:    Yes, but my sister sits down.

Figure that out, will you?


Mr. 5:  My mother is so bad!

Me:      Why?  Did she scold you?

Mr. 5:   No.

Me:      No?

Mr 5:   My mother is so bad!

Me:     Did she cane you?

Mr 5:  No, she didn’t.  She caned my sister.  My mother is so bad!


Me:      Does anyone know what a judge is?

Class:  Noooooooo.

Me:      A judge sends bad people to jail.

Mr. 5:  Can he send my little brother to jail?

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Just a female who has time to do a bit of pondering and musing. Otherwise, I am on an interesting journey down the path to being a senior citizen.
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