National Day Celebrations

National Day Celebrations
By Angeline. T (7 years old)


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It is the National Day today.  This year, the celebration is held at the Town Padang.  My family and I join thousands of fellow Malaysians to celebrate our nation’s birthday.  A large crowd of people have already gathered to watch the parade when we reach there.

I love seeing all the participants from the uniformed groups and organisations marching by in their smart uniforms.  A group of uniformed men is filing past, proudly holding up flagpoles in their hands.

Up in the sky, a helicopter carrying a huge flag flies over us.  A loud cheer goes up while we wave our little flags enthusiastically.  Next, the jet planes zoom by in a beautiful formation.  The fantastic airshow continues with parachutists in bright orange jumpsuits jumping from the planes.  They land safely on the field.

I enjoy the annual National Day celebration very much and I am proud to be a Malaysian.  What about you?


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