A Sick Boy


Photo credit: kztravels.wordpress.com

A Sick Boy
By A.Ting (8 years old)

Poor Jeremy had chickenpox last week.  He ran a high fever and felt very sick.  His mother brought him to the clinic to see the doctor.  There were a lot of patients in the clinic waiting to see the doctor.

A boy was coughing badly while a baby boy was wailing his head off.  His mother was trying to comfort him.  An elderly lady was sneezing into her handkerchief, and a man was waiting for the nurse to give him some medicine.

At last, it was Jeremy’s turn to see the doctor.  He was glad because he had been shivering in the cool waiting room.  The doctor looked at him kindly and asked, “What’s wrong with you, young man?”  “I have chickenpox and it makes me very sick!” cried Jeremy.  “Ah, we will have you better in no time at all,” smiled the friendly doctor.  “Yes, please!” replied Jeremy.


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